31 Days of Preparedness: Communication

What are ways you plan to communicate in an emergency?
If cell phones are down there may be texting abilities. You can’t rely on that.
Communication plans fall under family plan, but you need to have a source.

Have an out of state friend or relative as a contact rally point.


  • 2 Way Radios or Walkie Talkies. These are good for mostly short range. We have a set that is good up to 12 miles. Really good ones go up to 30 miles.
  • Ham Radio. We have a handheld that doubles as a FRS (Family Radio Service) You MUST be licensed to use the Ham portion of the radio.
  • CB Radio  You don’t need a license to use one. You also don’t need to rely on cell towers to get a connection. You do need your own antenna.
  • Hand Crank Radio There are solar powered and hand crank radios available.


There is a great list of articles that covers more communication.
Also go to Amrron which is part of Radio Free Redoubt

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