My 19 year old and I had a debate about Best Friends.

He says you can only have one….and if you are married that one should be your spouse.

While I agree that my best friend is and should be The Principal…..I am not so sure about only one.

Joey says the word BEST is singular….saying your BEST friend is your #1 friend. There can only be one #1.


I explained to him that women are relational. They can have more than one very close friend.

I, myself, have one BFF…Dyann….her son is Nic ~~~> over in my side bar.

I explained that I think women have an inner circle of friends….those we would tell a lot to and trust.

The next layer are those we would go have coffee wit, but not necessarily tell our deepest, darkest secrets to.

Then the next layer are those we see at the grocery store or library that we chat with for a bit.

Joey couldn’t wrap his brain around this at all. I blame that he is 19 and male. :)

I am in a season right now that my list of close friends is short. Having left our church has left The Principal and I both a bit wounded and un-trusting.

This season won’t last forever. God has a plan…..I am trusting His plan.


John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.



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