**yes, I confess that I was looking at my phone. In my opinion, my eyes weren’t off the road any longer than somebody changing the radio station or looking in the mirror to talk to their child in the backseat. Please don’t feel it necessary to blast me in a comment. I have been convicted of my wrong, what I call a God Smack….He is dealing with me on it. Your comment will be deleted if you are unkind**

Yesterday evening I was going to have a couple of hours to myself. Alone. At home. Well the Apple Store finally called and said my computer was ready from the file transfer they were doing. (it wasn’t completed correctly, but this is another post)
I live about an hour from the Apple store so this was going be an adventure…ALONE!
I had stopped to get gas at the truck stop. Got back on the freeway. Was driving along, glanced at my phone…yes…I did. I was looking at it, not texting..for once…..I look up and have to hit my brakes. (insert guardian angel working overtime)
There is smoke…thought it was fog…except that cars were pulling over! I ended up being the 3rd car on the scene of an accident.
We, meaning the other drivers, are just kind of sitting there. I didn’t think to call 911. Weird. I guess I figured others would be. (somebody did say they couldn’t get through)
I thought why are we sitting here….why isn’t anybody HELPING.
I got out of my car and started running up to the cars.
In hindsight I was thinking #1 what could I do? I don’t know ANY first aid. #2 what could I have SEEN!? #3 I prayed for the injured.
I came up to the first car.
The man wasn’t completely coherent. Another couple had come across from the east bound lanes to help him.
I saw a white pick up.
I went over to it with the thought at least I could hold somebodies hand, if they needed, while we waited for the ambulance. The driver of the truck was up…walking around…holding his gut and talking to his wife. He said he had been hit head on….I thought hmmm ok.
Yet another truck was on the side of the road. These two trucks had the same emblem on the side. They worked together.
I decided to get out of the way and go back to my car.

I made a couple of phone calls to arrange for my kids to be picked up from rehearsal. I didn’t have a clue how long I was going to be sitting there.
After about 30 minutes I noticed people behind me turning around and going across the median. I decided to follow suit. Was able to get back on the freeway and take a detour.

Made my stops.

Came back through there about 2 hours later and the freeway was still closed.

I found out later it was a fatality.

A car had crossed the center line.

I am sad.

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