Another part in my series Homeschooling with Netflix

We are documentary junkies in this house. My kids prefer a good doc over a movie or cartoons any day of the week. These may be seen on other lists for history or health.
Here is a list of our favorites:

Discovery:Planet Ocean
So cool to go deep down into the ocean and feel like you are a fish. Or shark.

Ken Burns: Dust Bowl
Pretty much anything by Ken Burns. The Dust Bowl was a great documentary about the Great Depression. We have watched this mini series more than once.

Inside North Korea
This one isn’t new, but the information is still relevant. We watched this when North Korea was threatening the US a few months back. Very enlightening.

Stephen Fry in America
More mini series than documentary. He’s a British guy that goes around America pointing out the differences in the culture among the different regions.

Nat Geo: Arlington National Cemetery
The Principal got a chance to see this in person. This was like a virtual field trip. Great content and fun to see behind the scenes preparation.

Social & Cultural
Garbage Revolution Starts at Home
This is a great eye opener to the amount of garbage a family produces.

Maxed Out
A bit dated, but great wake up call about credit card use in America.

Wal Mart: High Cost for a Low Price
This will make you think twice about shopping there, or in the very least make you aware when you do shop.

Plastic Planet
How much plastic does one person use? This video shares information one might b=not think about when opening that bottle of water.

If you have kids in drama this is a must watch. Course this camp is over $1000 for a week. But fun to watch.

Sprawling from Grace: Consequences of Suburbanization
Makes me thankful I live rurally.

Of course Nat Geo documentaries are great

These aren’t the only documentaries we’ve watched, just a few of the stand outs.

What would you add to this list?

Netflix: American History
Netflix: Math & Money
Netflix: Christian Viewing
Netflix: Nat Geo
Netflix Science
Netflix: Ancient History
Netflix: Documentaries
Netflix: Literature turned Movie

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