I love to have pressure canned chicken breast on my prep shelf.
It is super easy and so much healthier than the chicken that is canned like tuna.
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Pressure canning chicken for Long Term Food Storage

I don’t know about you, but this chicken reminds me of science class and the old ‘pig in a jar.’
I have taken to canning my meat because, if we were ever to lose power, I would lose my freezer contents….that could be a lot of food people!
I found this chicken on sale and Safeway +50% off! it ended up being $1.50 a pound for boneless skinless breast.

**UPDATE** I have since been buying my chicken from Zaycon Foods and have been most happy with their quality.

I had help!
Here they are just adding hot water to the canning jars. Within an inch of the top. You could also add broth if you wanted to.

Loading up the pressure canner. I had 2 sizes of jars so had to do 2 rounds…oy, it was loud all.day.long

I have recently started to store my full canning jars without the rings. It helps to know if the seal has broken and you don’t want your jar to reseal itself.

The pressure canner had to go for 70 minutes at 15 lbs for us…over 1000 feet above sea level.
It varies, so you want to read the book for your elevation.

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