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Frugal Living

Enjoying the Christmas Season with your Teenager

We have two teenagers in the & 17 We, as a family, have a few traditions. In all honesty, they were when we had younger kids and are getting harder to talk the kids into as the they get older. Things like Gingerbread House decorating and sugar cookie baking. The last two years I did Elf on the Shelf. Pretty sure I won't get away with that again this year. Make thermos full of hot…
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Frugal Summer Boredom Busters for Teens

I am on my 2nd round of teens and summer boredom busters are a must! Not quite as easily entertained and a tad too far out in the country to find a job, even though, in Idaho, they can both legally work. We do school year round, but we still want to get outside and get some natural Vitamin D. Here is my list of ideas of frugal summer fun. Going to the river to…
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Christian Living

Courting vs Dating

Today I am going to talk about courtship vs dating. Now I am not a psychologist or a pastor. I am just a mom who was a am speaking from experiences in my When I think of dating the mom to 4 of which are young adult men and 1 a teen GIRL! Annnnd looking back on my own history of what could be called as was more just boyfriend girlfriend no real of heartache…
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