So today is a sort-of-fail sort-or-worked. I wanted to share anyway….because, well, failures are learning opportunities.

This is the pin I used. Going back to look at it I now know where I did it differently and may be why my result was so extreme.

Wicks were .99 at Wal Mart

I didn’t fold over my wick…I just cut it…

I used lamp oil no paraffin as the original

pinner used.

We got flame….uh ya

A few observations:

  1. fold wick, see if that make a difference
  2. not so much wick above the lid
  3. paraffin lamp oil vs. the lamp oil I use for our old fashioned lamps
  4. there was smoke. Not much, but enough…so pretty sure the paraffin oil is a better choice.

Over all I am happy with this idea. Cheaper than the 100 hour candle which is around $4.50. Plus I can refill my jar AND who doesn’t love a Mason jar candle.


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