One of the most important preps to have besides water is food.
These are my Top 10 ways to store food. I have back ups for my back ups.
Some of these are easier than others, some are longer term than others. The key is to not have all of your eggs in one basket so to speak.

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5 Gallon Bucket
I have found these at Winco or the bakery department super cheap. I store bulk sugar and flour in them.

You don’t have to use a Gamma seal lid, but they do make for easier access

#10 Cans
The size you find often at Costco. Once you open them though you need to eat the contents. If it is a grid down situation you will need to have a way to keep the food cold or consume it.
You can use #10 cans for bulk food at your local LDS Cannery.

I enjoy both types of canning.

Water Bath
Water bath canning is for jams and fruit. It is not for canning meat or veggies.

Pressure Canning
Pressure canning is loud. My kids really hate it when I pull the canner out. That said I love that I can process chicken or hamburger and not have to worry about power outages.
If you can afford it go with the All American brand. Super sturdy and no gaskets to worry about replacing.

Love dehydrating. Fruit for snacks or vegetables for soups. Dehydrate now, in season, to have in winter when fresh isn’t possible.
We have had the round style before and really prefer the Excalibur, which has the fan at the back. No rotating trays.

Mylar Bags
Mylar bags with O2 packets are great for long term storage. We have flour, sugar, and rice stored this way.
You then place them in the 5 gallon buckets for double, longer term protection.

Pop Bottle with O2 packet
Just like it says. Save your pop bottles. Any size. I store my rice and beans in them.

Pre-purchased freeze dried
Pre purchased runs the gamut of taste and cost. I have read that Mountain House is the best, it’s also the most expensive. It will be our last resort for food.

Root Cellar
An old fashioned root cellar to store your harvest in. We have a basement that is 3 feet under ground so it stays cool all year. Ultimately on outdoor cellar is our goal.

Vacuum Sealed
Love our vacuum sealer. Great to store dry food. Ours has an attachment for the lid on a canning jar. We store our bulk spices this way.

What is your favorite go to way to store food long term?
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