What are 10 Things you Will Miss about your Home?

This is what the photographer asked us when making the appointment to come take pictures of our house. “When taking pictures of a clients house I ask them what are 10 things they will miss most so I can see it from their perspective.” I choked back a feeble “okay” and hung up the phone.

Our children were 3, 5, 10, and 11 when we moved to this little homestead 15 years ago and you want me to pick 10 things?

See that trampoline out front? Their gran bought them that in 2005. It is great for sleeping on if it stays about 50 degrees at night. Be careful how many people though because you will all end up in the middle by morning.

See that punching bag out in the back corner? Our second born hung it there next to the tree house that never got finished. If you look around on the ground you will may his sparing gloves out there too.

That fire pit out back? It was great for bonfires and birthday parties. Every child celebrated their 18th birthday with one. Sometimes a round or two of flashlight tag too.

That pile of debris next to the driveway? That is what is left of the barn that fell one winter. Too much snow + kids sledding off it + the UPS guy driving to fast one day caused it to fall. It used to be home the Sugar, the horse that came with the property. The grass grows best right behind it.

The RV hook-ups and cute shed? It would be great for your mom and her 5th wheel. It’s what we put it there for. Mom used to do crafts in the shed. Every winter we would have to go shovel a path so she could get out there. She would listen to books on tape while she made greeting cards.

There’s a chicken coop ready, as well as a goat pen. You may one day decide to have your own little homestead. The chickens will make you smile. The goats may make you laugh and scream at the same time.

There’s a trail that goes around the perimeter of the property. That’s our homemade quad trail. We don’t know if it ever bugged the neighbors how much we rode on it, they never complained. You should buy your own quad and take it for a spin.

Every Spring the songbirds sing to you. It’s how you know you survived another winter. Some winters were worse than others, the wood stove makes them cozy though.
You only need two or three pieces to get it going.

When the clouds cover the top of the mountain, that you see from the living room, you know it’s going to snow or rain depending on the season.

One last thing. On the wall as you walk into the kitchen there are some height marks. It’s the growth of the younger two. I couldn’t bring myself to paint over it so I left a quart of paint on the counter with the house key. I hope you understand. There are so, so many memories here and I pray this little home brings your family as much joy as it did ours.

Side note: We don’t know where we are going to end up, we do know were are selling our little homestead in North Idaho. We had “Plan A” and God has us going towards “Plan B.” We will know more later this month which “Plan” we end up with. As you know God is in complete control and we have complete trust in His Plan for our lives.

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