15 Gift ideas for Preppers. These could be for Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day.
They could be for Just Because I Love You.

15 Gift Ideas for Preppers

These are a few of my go to favorites as gifts for my fellow preppers.

A Signal Mirror for one’s BOB. Not for if they bug out, because you don’t necessarily want to be found, but great if you get lost hiking or hunting.

Some Paracord. Our daughter makes bracelets and key rings as gifts.

Mason Jar oil lamp burners. Love Mason jars and love oil lamps….perfect storm!

One should also have a headlamp for their BOB. We actually use these every night when feeding the animals.

A Leathermanmulti-tool. Shop around for the style you might want. There are many sizes and different gadgets on the different styles.

Water bath canner for food storage. You do have food storage don’t you?

Solar phone charger just because….

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit in a Sardine Can….no explanation needed.

Soap making kit. You know, for all that goat milk you have in the freezer. This is on my bucket list.

Excalibur Dehydrator for more food storage. Never have enough food storage.

Volcano Grill collapsible and portable.

Micro Brew kit. This is super basic, but The Principal has one and it’s great for beginners. Here’s one for the guy who has graduated from Mr. Beer.

Magnesium Fire starter Never know when you need to start a fire to keep warm.

Water Filter straw Another thing for the BOB.

A great read is One Second After

I also have Great Gifts for your Favorite Homesteader

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