15 Signs you grew up in the country

  1. When giving directions you don’t use street names, you use landmarks
  2. You didn’t need to have the Birds and Bees talk with your parents. You have farm animals.
  3. Travel ‘to town’ is measured in time, not distance
  4. Cell Service and High Speed internet are luxuries
  5. The fair was the social event of the season
  6. You spend more time watching for Moose on the way to the neighbors than for cars
  7. You can still remember what time, before it was light out, that your bus came (6:47)
  8. You drove a car before taking drivers ed
  9. You drove a tractor before driving a car
  10. You can drive a clutch and you learned on the tractor
  11. You wave at people as they pass you on your dirt road
  12. Bacon and eggs were both ‘home grown’
  13. You’ve driven your 4-wheeler to the post office
  14. Your 4-wheeler wasn’t the only one there
  15. You’ve made forts out of snow. or hay.

Bonus: Everybody knows everybody, so if you think you are going to get away with something, you better re-think it.

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