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I have been eyeing the 299 Days series on Amazon for awhile.
One night I was chatting with my friend from Radio Free Redoubt, John Jacob Schmidt, about the series. He said was going to interview the author soon. I was excited to know that he knew the author. Long story short, I got the chance to review books 1 & 2.

Book 1 is titled 299 Days: The Preparation.

The story starts out talking about the main character and his childhood.
He grows up in Forks, WA. Has an abusive father. Is always rooting for the underdog.
He graduates high school and gets into the University of Washington, Seattle.
I am hooked. You may know this, but I was born in Seattle. So the areas in the book are familiar to me.

The main character, Grant Matson, meets his wife in college. She is from Bellevue, my hometown.
The graduate college, get married, and move to Olympia. She is an ER nurse, he is a lawyer.

Over the course of the book he realizes he has become a suburbanite dad that is overweight and out of touch with reality.
He hears a ‘voice’ that is prompting him to get it together. Stuff is going to be happening and he has to protect his family.
That ‘voice’ is God whispering and Grant becomes a Christian.
He doesn’t share this with his wife. In fact, he doesn’t share is ‘double life’ of prepping with his wife either.

He looses weight. Starts working out.
Buys a gun and learns how to use it.
Finds ways to start stockpiling rice and beans.
Meets some guys that teach him some tactical moves.
He inherits some money so he buys a ‘bug out location’ on the Washington coast.

The economy starts to dive, but he is ready.

This book was well written and easy to follow. It described prepping much like how many of us probably started.

I am excited to start reading book 2.

I am more excited because I get to meet Glen Tate this weekend at the N.W. Patriot and Preparedness Rally at Farragut State Park.

To read more about Glenn go to 299 Days.

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*I received this book free for my unbiased review. I say BUY IT!

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