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With the start of a new homeschool year, I’d like to share my favorite 3 R’s of homeschooling.
Nope, I’m not talking about reading, writing & ‘rithmetic.
God keeps bringing a different set to mind, so I’m sharing the 3 R’s for homeschool moms.


As homeschool moms, we have so much on our plate, especially cooking, cleaning & chauffeuring.
That’s in addition to educating our kids. With a busy schedule, it’s so easy to become productivity-oriented and forget the real reason we are homeschooling.
“To glorify God & raise our children to love, honor & enjoy Him”

3 R's for Homeschooling Moms

So take a break. That’s a coffee break with chocolate, if you’re like me. Let’s talk about God’s priorities.

1. Rest
First of all, God wants us to REST.
Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him Psalm 37:7
Many years ago, Andrew Kern reminded me that homeschoolers need to rest in God.
Set aside the temptation to look at productivity or compare your homeschool to others.
Hey, I’m speaking to myself as much as anyone.
Do you ever write something on your “to do” list, just so you can check it off?
I sure do. That’s being focused on productivity instead of a relationship with God & your kids.
I am slowly learning I need to take a back seat and let God lead me in my life…in my homeschooling.
To let Him lead in reading, writing, math, history, science – I need to rest in my God.
When I rest in Him, I am assured that we accomplished the right things today.

2. Relax & Refresh
Hebrews 4:10 reminds us to rest from our own works.
For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His. Hebrews 4:10
We are called to rest from our own works, just like God rested on the seventh day. Do you rest? Do you have a day of rest each week?
Sundays are devoted to rest in my family.
OK…I cook lunch when we get home from church so we can enjoy a family meal together.
But for the most part, I do not use my computer to check Facebook or email.
I rest from electronics & my daily routine.
I usually spend my Sundays sewing or crafting, which is relaxing to me.
That leads me to the 2nd R.
Homeschool moms need to relax, too!
You need a break. You need to relax & refresh so you can continue to homeschool, continue to serve your family.
When I was homeschooling, I often took a break after the kids went to bed.
I drew a hot bubble bath and settled in with a copy of Southern Living.
Just 20 minutes by myself would do the trick. I was relaxed & refreshed…ready to serve my family again.

What relaxes you?
When can you relax?
Talk to your spouse if you can’t find a time to relax in your busy schedule.
He might see a way to help you relax, so you are refreshed to serve again.

3. Rejoice
Last, but not least: Rejoice in God!
Since January of this year, I have focused on praising God & rejoicing in what He is doing in my family.
The easiest way I found to praise & rejoice in God is to read a Psalm each morning.
I read it aloud and think about the words.
It focuses my words & thoughts on God for the rest of the day.
It helps me to not complain about the day, or about my spouse, or about what goes wrong in homeschooling.
You can include your kids in a daily Psalm reading, too. Let them begin the habit of rejoicing at an early age.

Rejoice in the Lord, again I say rejoice. Philippians 4:4
(image of Ashley & me) A week ago I was working in a San Salvadoran orphanage with my daughter. This was our memory verse for the orphans and neighbor kids.

Picture this.
Some of the neighborhood kids had never taken a shower until we installed one 2 years ago.
Some of the orphans have never traveled more than a few miles from the orphanage.
Some of the neighbors have plastic bags for roofs. We have so much more.
Yet, we were discussing joy over pouting, thankfulness instead of complaining.
Rejoicing in God will keep you focused on what’s most important.

As homeschool moms, surely we need to rejoice in as God works in our life and our family’s lives.
We live in a safe neighborhood.
Our children are growing up to love God & believe
He is the answer to any & all problems.
Rejoice in that!
Start your year right with the 3 R’s – rest, relaxation & rejoicing.
Keep focused on what is most important and God will use you mightily in your homeschool.