bug in or bug out in an emergency

Should you bug in or bug out? This is a question you have to answer as the emergency arises.

In the case of a forest fire we would most likely bug out. At the last minute, I am sure, because we’d try to save our house. Having a wildland firefighter for a son would help that scenario.

Grid down situation bug in. This is where our preps are.

We’d want to protect our house from vandals, etc.

Earthquake? Is your house safe to stay in?
Tsunami warning? Get the heck out. Obviously here in North Idaho I am not worried about a Tsunami. We are from Seattle remember. We have many friends and family there.

Timing of bugging out is important.
If you live, say, in Seattle or L.A., you and everybody and their brother, sister, and third cousin are doing the same thing you are. Can you say gridlock. Panic.
Of course, this is something that should have been talked about among the family. A plan made and a destination to go to.

If you live in an urban or suburban setting and the power goes out how long will you wait for that power to come back on?
A day? three days? A week?
If it is obvious it’s a storm or other such cause then staying put it probably ok. If it looks like it may be longer I, myself, wouldn’t stick around.
Chaos will start when people realize that it’s not a short term issue.

Another thing to factor in is will you be on foot? Is it safe if you are?

To add to this you should have you Bug Out Bags or BOBS ready to go LONG before you need them.
I have written about my Get Home Bag and my Everyday Carry Bag.
Our BOBS are essential these bags.

There are so many variables that play into whether to stay put or leave.
Plan plan plan….I know you can’t plan for every possible emergency, but talking about it ahead of time helps when the emergency happens.

Here is a pre-made kit. We also have made our own kits. This is a great starter kit though.

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