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This post is about cooking. There is another post about food.

Now, if your kids are like mine, anytime the electricity goes out they are excited.
In 10 years of living here we have only gone more than 24 hours without power once.
We brought in the camp stove and cooked Top Ramen. They thought it was a grand adventure.

Let’s say power is out longer than 24 hours.
Maybe a week. Or more.
Are you ready for that?
I always like to have back ups for my backups.

Our plan is to use our Coleman Camp Stove which uses propane. We also have a Pocket Rocket Stove.
We could also use our propane bbq grill.

If it goes for a longer length of time we have charcoal and can use the Dutch Oven outside.

We also have a Sun Oven. Which will be great AFTER the storm passes and sun is out again.

Fuel we have prepped:

  • Matches
  • Propane
  • Charcoal
  • Wood

Another great way to boil water for cooking is this Kelly Kettle. Uses very little fuel from sticks found outside.

Here are some cookbooks:

Do you have a plan for extended periods of time without power?

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