31 Days of Emergency Preparedness Does your Family Have a Plan? @MamaKautz

One very important part of emergency preparedness is having a plan.

  • What will you do if cell phones are down?
  • How will you communicate if the power is out?
  • Where will you meet if home isn’t safe?
  • Do you have phone numbers of insurance companies handy?
  • Are all of those important papers in a safe, easy to access location?

My older boys know to come here. 
Of course that’s if it is safe.
One would be coming from Coeur d Alene, the other from Seattle.

The Principal travels to Eastern Washington many times in a month.
It’s 4 hours without traffic. In the event of an emergency I am sure longer. He has said he’d walk home if he had to.
He knows more than one way home in case of road blocks or a rod being out due to flood or earthquake.

The teenagers, who are rarely without me, have said they will get home.
“It makes no sense for you to come to us because of the time it would take time for you to get there.” (Minimum 20 minutes.)
We are still in negotiations. As a mom, pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to just wait for them to get home.

Another type of emergency would be a family illness or injury.
The day I took mom in for a check up because she hadn’t been feeling well and was admitted to have heart surgery the next day.
I was without a phone charger and a phone that had a low battery.
I had to call my brother and aunt and was slightly freaking out.
The battery issue only added to my stress.
Since then I ALWAYS have my charger with me. ALWAYS.

The important thing is to have everybody on the same page.
Have a family meeting to discuss and brainstorm.
Every scenario could have a different plan.

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