31 Days of Preparedness: Farm Animals @MamaKautz

Back in March ’13 we became quite the little farm.
We picked up 2 pigs, 1 pregnant goat, 1 goat with twin boys, 2 Cayuga ducks, and a couple of more chickens.

This summer was a summer of learning. We were blessed to be able to go on vacation and pay our neighbor to care for the animals.

Since March:

  • We lost 2 chickens to predators
  • We lost the ducks to predators
  • We butchered the older set of boy goats
  • We butchered the pigs

We learned:

  • Even when you KNOW you are getting those goats to eventually put in the freezer it will still be hard
  • Pigs are easier
  • You really like that you can pay the butcher to come out to the house
  • I like to watch my chickens
  • Goat can be noisy
  • Not all goat milk tastes the same

We got the animals to be more self sufficient.
It is going to be great to have our own pork in the freezer.
I have heard goat is yummy.
Better to learn now rather than later when works for us.
We also learned, from a security standpoint, goats probably won’t be a smart route. Or roosters 🙂
We have invested quite a bit in cattle panels, but now we have them.
We will probably do pigs again. Having them butchered wasn’t a problem mentally.
I think maybe rabbits for long term production, although you can’t live on rabbit alone.

What farm animals do you have?

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