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This is above and beyond band-aids and Tums. Most of this you probably already have on hand. It would be a good idea to put it all in one location.

While those things are great, we have prepped items, that 18 months ago, I would have said you crazzzeeee….

A few things I recommend for basic care:

I was able to buy a this online at with our FSA insurance card.
I was also able to use our card for bandages, gauze, and tape etc. actually has a tab that says FSA so it makes it easy peasy to find the approved items.
Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, starting in January I won’t be able to use the FSA card for these items, so I am stocking up now.

  • You want to add N95 masks and sterile gloves to this list.
  • Does anybody have allergies? Make sure to have extra epi-pens on hand.
  • Extra contact supplies and even an extra pair of glasses.
  • Medications. Prescription and pain relievers.
  • Burn ointment
  • Triple antibiotic ointment
  • Thermometer
  • Anti diarrheal’s
  • TUMS
  • Alka Seltzer
  • Prilosec
  • Pedialyte
  • Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Itch Cream
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Epi Pens
  • Snake Bite Kit
  • Bee Sting Kit
  • Dent Temp for loose filings
  • Tweezers
  • Sun Screen
  • Quick Clot
  • Vinyl Gloves

This list is a minimum of what to have on hand.

There are antibiotics you can prep. The ones for fish are the same as for people. I won’t go into details here, but let you do your own research.

These are 2 books I recommend also.

With any books I have listed in this series I recommend a hard copy to add to your library.

This list is minimal on what to have on hand, in my opinion.
What would you add?