31 Days of Preparedness: Got Power? @MamaKautz

Short of living off grid, having a grid down scenario or just a bad ice or snow storm, living without power will be an adjustment.

power grid

What are your options if it looks like you will be without power for more than 24-48 hours?


Solar Panels

You can find basic solar kits on Amazon for around $200.  You won’t be able to run your whole house off of one, but it could save your fridge.


We actually don’t own one. Yet. This would be great to save the freezers and fridge.  Downside is they take gas to run and are usually loud, which presents a security issue.

I found this great article on why it’s not the best choice in a long term situation.

If money were no option there is always this solar powered Generator.

Bio Diesel
Something you can make at home to run a generator or your diesel truck.


I am going to be depending on candles, battery powered lanterns, and also oil lanterns.

Of course flash lights and head lamps for outside work. Goats still need to be milked in the evening.
Don’t forget to prep batteries, lamp oil, and matches.

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I really like my iced coffee so I pray that we never have to go without power for an extended period of time.

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