31 Days of Preparedness: Security @MamaKautz

There are two types of security when talking about preparedness.
Security on your person and of your property and security about what you have and letting others know about it.

We are gun owners. The Principal was a hunter when we met. I was anti-gun, believe it or not. After I was educated and actually shot a gun I came around. I learned that, no, a gun can’t just go off sitting on the counter. I am now an owner of a 9mm that I carry with me daily.

If we are ever in a situation where I need to protect myself or my children I will be able to do so.

Protecting your Property
There are multiple ways to protect your property from intruders, or at least have an alert system set up to let you know there are people out there.

Classic example of WHY you may need a warning.

I had an unwelcome person on my property recently. I grabbed my 9mm before confronting the person from my front door. Our dog did not bark, which led my friend to believe that maybe the person had been here before as my dog was not afraid.
This person was all the way up our long driveway before I noticed them. If we had had some kind of system in place I would have known ahead of time, before he was practically at my door.
That said, at least I had my gun. Two years ago I would have hidden, with my kids, in the back room while I dialed 911, whose response time is 30+ minutes. That doesn’t make me feel secure.


The other Op Sec is where you decide who, if anybody, that you are going to share your preps with. If the economy collapses and food is scarce are you going to regret telling Jane Doe what you have. Is your plan to feed anybody and everybody that knows you have begun prepping and comes to you door?

I write here about what we have. But not all of it is shared. I have a few select friends that we have shown our preps to. I also assume they won’t be coming here unless we are a last resort. That’s where you have to look at your own self and think what you would do. Are you going to feed the whole neighborhood? Just the kids?

These are things you need to think about when it comes to possible scenarios. I am not an expert, so this post was merely to give ideas on where you need security. I am in no way knowledgable enough to give advice on WHAT to do. That’s The Principal’s job.

Here’s a great article on Strength in Numbers. The more people you have in an emergency the safer you will be.

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Op Sec
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