31 Days of Preparedness: Skills to Have @MamaKautz

This is a list of some skills that might come in handy in a long term emergency scenario:

Plant Identification
Foraging is important. There are plants that are edible and plants that aren’t. Knowing the difference could be life or death.
Did you know you can make Dandelion Jelly? That is one ‘plant’ that is plentiful here every spring. Did you also know that Cattail’s are edible…not the feline.

Processing Food
Either hunting or butchering your own meat.
We recently had our pigs butchered, and last fall we sent a deer to the butcher. We really need to learn to do this ourselves.
1. To save money and 2. Because we may not always have the ability to take the animal to the butcher.

Storing and Preserving Food
Not just dehydrating and canning.
What about curing and smoking?

When your man tans the hide of that animal he may want slippers 🙂
Or if your 9 year old grows an inch or more he will need new jeans.

Herbal Medicine
Herbs and tinctures for healing. Also essential oils.
There are great books out there to have on hand. Read now so you aren’t scrounging for the supplies when you really need them

Land Navigation
Reading a map without the GPS. Can you read a compass?

Mechanical Knowledge
How to fix or build things. Cars or farm equipment.
Knowing how things work.

What would you add to this list?

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