So as soon as I was done with chapter 1 I got totally motivated to clean out this closet. I HATE this closet…Felt SO good to be able to open it and nothing fal out. Next up Laundry Room then Utility Room.

Before~hall closet turned homeschool supply closet…that has no supplies in it! Sorry for the picture quality, they were taken with my cell phone.
bottom 2 shelves
bins of  whatever needed a home, pasta (clay) press with tripod in front
2nd shelf down~rags and another bin of random school stuff, Flylady binder that needs to be re-done
top 2 shelves
1st shelf~canning jars on top far left is a gift bag full of more gift bags
2nd shelf~iron, vacuum bags, padded envelopes to re-use, lunch box, Uno game with bin of board books behind that…if we have any littles come visit
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