I skipped ahead and did Day 7 because I was motivated…and, well, since that doesn’t happen often I thought I better take it while I had it….

 I have inventory pages posted on the back of my pantry door.  I printed them for FREE at Organized Home



We have a big top load freezer in the basement.

We are BLESSED because it is FULL to the rim with chicken, ground beef, and bread from Franz outlet (5 loaves $6 of their $4 a loaf bread) for  to name a few items.

On this form I divided it into upstairs freezer and downstairs.


Here is my pantry inventory as well as baking supplies

I should probably take a picture of my pantry inside huh?


and my half marathon training schedule….not inventory, but on my pantry door  hee hee


My clean freezer that I did for my 31 days to Clean today

It is AMAZING how much more organized I feel when I have the inventory checklists….I don’t know why I go in waves of using them, then not….

I hope you can glean something today.

Have fun with your 31 Days to Clean!