Links and Resources for Preppers.

A list of 31 resources for preparedness

Homesteading and Prepping Blogs & Podcasts

Doom and Bloom
“Both Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are the co-authors of “the Survival Medicine Handbook,” a guide for the non-medical professional to staying healthy is situations where help is NOT on the way”

Food Storage Moms

Graywolf Survival

Home Ready Home
Emergency Preparedness and Self Reliant Living for the Modern Family

Mom with a Prep

New Life on a Homestead

Off Grid Survival
“A resource for people who are interested in survival topics and Off Grid Living.”

Preparedness Mama
“Taking the Scared out of Being Prepared”

The Patriot Nurse (YouTube)

The Prairie Homestead

Preparedness Radio Network

Prepper Recon~ Podcasts

Seasoned Citizen Preppers


Survival Podcast

Trayer Wilderness

Urban Survival

News, etc.

The Daily Sheeple

Drudge Report

Economic Collapse Blog

Zero Hedge


Firearms Videos

HUGE List of Prepper Downloads

Another HUGE list of Downloads and Links

How to Get water from a Well When the Power is Out

How to Use a Sawdust Toilet

Retreat Preparedness

Survival Manuals and Preparedness Guides