What are the 5 levels of preparedness you ask? It is a tool to see how ready you are for an emergency.

Whether it be an earthquake, snowstorm, or major illness in the family. It could also be for economic collapse or other major event.

Level 0
Not prepared at all, thus making every emergency a disaster

  • Less than 2 weeks of food in your house
  • No self defense
  • No water stored or way to purify it
  • No way to produce food
  • No items for bartering

Level 1
Ready for minor emergency such as ice storm

  • 2 weeks of food
  • Way to heat the house  without relying on power for 2 weeks
  • Able to cook without power for 2 weeks
  • First aid kit(s)
  • No defense
  • Must leave home after two weeks due to lack of preparedness

Level 2
Can survive 1 month, such as hurricane

  • Generator on hand
  • Month of food
  • Month of prescriptions
  • Batteries for radios and flashlights
  • Home and self defense

Level 3
Can survive 3 months due to, for example, Martial Law, Pandemic or Earthquake

  • 3+ months of food
  • Way to purify water
  • Way to defend self and home
  • Wood for heat
  • Communication such as Ham Radio
  • Neighborhood watch
  • 3 months of prescriptions

Level 4
Can survive 1 year due to Economic collapse or Currency devaluation

  • Short term AND long term food supplies
  • Garden
  • Small animals such as chickens, goats, and/or rabbits
  • Ammo (2000+ rounds per weapon)
  • Herbal knowledge to replace prescriptions
  • Dog for security
  • 24 hour rotation of security
  • Ready to bug out if situation deteriorates
  • Able to educate children at home (This should be level 1 IMO)

Level 5
Can Survive Indefinitely from their Home during an multi-year SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation

  • Fully functioning large garden or small farm for food
  • Is able to can and store harvest
  • Is able to harvest seed for next growing season
  • Raises up multiple generations of farm animals
  • 10,000+ rounds of ammo per weapon
  • Horses for travel
  • Able to generate own fuel ie: biodiesel or alcohol
  • Solar power bank with deep storage batteries
  • Natural, on site water source
  • Home based business to generate income
  • Able to provide excess food for charity
  • Able to build new buildings or repair existing
  • Prepared for minor surgery or child birth at home
  • Able to produce own clothing ie spinning wheel

What level do you think you are?


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