5 minutes. Unscripted. Unedited. Go

Grit. The ebb and flow. The good and the bad. Grief. Joy. I was the apple of their eye. Every.single.one.of.them. Now. Nothing. I am an adult yes? But I will always be the baby. The little sister. Daddy’s little girl. Now? Abandoned? Nobody. They said they wouldn’t leave. They said that I would not be alone. Grit. The truth of it is Grit. I have my kids. I have my amazing husband. I d not have my family. My dad went first. Then mom. Now I’m alone. This is Grit to me. The nitty gritty of life. I am not alone really. I will always have my Abba Father. Not on earth….but he will never leave me! He is ALL I need! -stop

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