Every once in awhile I feel some nostalgia and want to watch an old school movie. Now, I am partial to the 1984 version of Red Dawn because I remember seeing it in theaters. I have seen the 2012 version of Red Dawn and didn’t love it. Like at all, but my then teenagers did. Al personal choice I suppose.

Sometimes I get tired of rewatching the same movie so today I am sharing 5 movies that are like Red Dawn….I use the term loosely. By like, I mean probably a little post apocalyptic in nature. It’s my favorite genre to read, and sometimes I am just in the mood for some good end of the world drama.

Tomorrow When the War Began

This is the Australian version of Red Dawn. Tomorrow When the War Began is a new film about seven college bound friends who return from a weekend camping trip to discover that a foreign army has invaded their Australian homeland. 4 Stars on Amazon

How I live Now

How I live now is a 2013 film, setting is near future UK, so maybe current now? An American teen goes to live with rellies (relatives) in the English countryside only to have confict break out while she is there. 4.5 stars on Amazon


Bushwick only has 3.5 stars on Amazon, so this likely means I would like it. Texas is seceding from the US in a new civil and a couple try to navigate leaving Brooklyn.

The Day After

From 1983. I am pretty sure we watched this in school. The Day After is free on YouTube Basically a nuclear holocaust on US soil. Why were we allowed to watch this in school?


To round out my list of 5 movies like Red Dawn I share my favorite. Contagion. It was a fave of mine before 2019, I just never thought it would even remotely come true…..well in March of 202o I thought it was. Over 56,000 4 star reviews on Amazon

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