My Top 5 Super Cheap Items You Can Start Prepping Now!
No more excuses.
I don’t have the room.
I don’t have the money.

5 Super Cheap Items You Can Start Prepping Now


  1. Tea/Coffee
  2. Flour
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Top Ramen
  5. Oatmeal


Random list isn’t it. Now, obviously this list is not complete. Because to have coffee or tea you have to have water. It’s a starter list to get you thinking about preps.

Because, well, coffee. Tea isn’t a bad thing either. You can also use tea bags to stop mouth bleeding.

You can use this to bake with or to make breaded chicken or venison. It is multi-use

Olive Oil
To cook with. It can also be a carrier oil for your essential oils. I prefer coconut oil, but this is a cheap items list and coconut oils isn’t cheap.

Top Ramen
You can’t get much cheaper than ramen noodles. That said, I don’t store them. I have tried and my kids find them and eat them.

Cheap to store and fills you up. Hopefully you have a little brown sugar already in your pantry because this stuff isn’t that great plain.

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