We learned a lot from having dairy goats. We learned they weren’t for us after about 18 months.

They are Stubborn
Goats are incredibly stubborn.
This last fall, Jazz, our Nubian, had in her head she wasn’t going to go back to her pen after being milked.
She dug in her hooves and would.not.budge!
I listed them both on Craigslist soon after that.
Well. Apparently we are supposed to have goats because they didn’t sell right away. I qwas ok with that. I kind of liked them. Shhh don’t tell Jazz.

I feel amazingly satisfied and accomplished when cleaning their pen.
All of that great compost material!
Of course fall and winter it’s not really possible, so this spring will be great fun. Muddy and fun.

The babies are too cute!
Course, Jazz’s first freshening she had twin boys. At 3 a.m. on July 3rd.
That was an experience.
Sound asleep on a warm summer night. Window open.
Only to be wakened by a blood curdling scream only to realize it’s your goat in labor.

 photo babygoats_zpsd0cd1d41.jpg

Did I mention they are stubborn?
Maybe it’s just our Nubian. This is our first experience with goats.
Our LaManche, Claire, is sweet as could be. I could easily have 4 or 5 more of her.
But Jazz! Well, at this point she probably KNOWS I think she is stubborn and does stuff to spite me.

We drink it raw. So yummy after it’s been chilled awhile.
I know there is major controversy about the raw vs. not raw.
I would much rather drink it raw and know where it came from than from the store after it’s been overly processed.


Bonus #6 Commitment
Having any farm animal is a commitment, but milk goats are a different issue. You have to be home every 12 hours to milk them. Not like chickens or, say, cows. You can put food and water out and be gone overnight. No more vacations are nights away unless you find somebody who you can pay to milk them. Even then it might not work because you goat may not like the stand in caregiver.

Do you have goats?
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