My list of things I didn’t know until I got chickens.

5 Things I didn't know about getting chickens

Compost Material

They poop. A lot. Which really probably isn’t an issue, except in winter, when they do it at your front door.
Because we have a sidewalk to the garage that is where they like to hang out most of the winter. I suppose we could quit shoveling the snow, but then we’d have to deal with snow.

(This is where I was going to insert picture of the amount, but decided not to gross you out. You’re welcome.)

Roosters really are early risers
So early. Especially in the summer. I didn’t intend to get a rooster. We had more than one when somebody was so ‘nice’ to give us a bunch of chickens. Most of them disappeared. It was in our early days of owning chickens and we let the free range a little young. This Roo is super with the girls though. He is a protector. He knows his job.

Natural Bug Control
If you let your girls free range they help keeps bugs down.
Except for stink bugs. Sadly they don’t eat stink bugs.

Homegrown eggs are out of this world good. Their yolks are so dark and full of yumminess.
I’m an egg snob now. I really can’t eat store bought eggs. I am so lucky we are still getting 2 eggs a day without a light.

I may or may not be guilty of sitting outside with my coffee just to watch the girls.
It’s even more fun when they are young. You won’t need your smart phone anymore. Well, unless you want to take pictures of them for Instagram.

baby chick

Do you have chickens on your homestead or in your backyard?

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