5 things I'll miss most if the SHTF

I just got done reading Cyberstorm

It’s about the Internet going down, then NY city gets hit with back to back snowstorms. The latter of the two has happened to us before, but not when the Internet was down and without internet lots of things, in this day and age, don’t work.

Everything is online. Did you know you can use your smart phone to turn on the heat at home if you want. If you have one of those new, fandangled thermostats! Crazy isn’t it.
So, after reading Cyberstorm, I decided to come up with my Top 5 Things I would Miss if the SHTF.

#1 Ice

I love my iced coffee every morning. Granted, come winter, in North Idaho, there will be ice. But it won’t be as easy as walking to the freezer, with my ice maker, and filling my cup.

#2 Running Water

That said, the thought of not having running water, in the house, bothers me. We are on a well, so our well could dry up someday. We do have a back up to at least access our water, but we would have to haul it.

#3 Washing Machine

This goes with no running water I suppose. If we don’t have running water, then that means I don’t have power, which means I don’t have a washing machine (or dishwasher for that matter) The convenience of being able to throw a load of laundry in and just go about my day? Well, I rather enjoy that.

I have noticed that the top 3 have to do with water…hmmm I see a pattern.

#4 Internet

If you know me you would say this is #1. It probably should be. I have friends who live in my computer. We do research on the computer. Don’t know something? Google it. Need a recipe? Go to Pinterest. Don’t want to make eye contact? Check Facebook on your iPhone. Ok, so the Internet isn’t a life or death situation, but I would miss it.

#5 Coffee

Running out of coffee wouldn’t happen for a while. I have my share of coffee back-stocked. It won’t last forever, so if that time were to ever come, it would be a sad day indeed.
It would make the sitting around the table, with your cup-of-joe, planning the day a little less festive. Even if it’s just planning where to go look for firewood or the rotation of the security team. Gotta have my coffee.

What are some things you think you will miss if the SHTF?

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