Do you practice self care?
I love implementing natural products in my self care routine because I know they are safe to use. Today I will share 5 ways to take better care of yourself. Super simple and highly recommended!

Here are a few things I do regularly:

* Eating a real food diet. It doesn’t have to be all organic, but shop the perimeters of the store. Your body will be very thankful.

* Putting Lavender, epsom salts, and bath oil in my bath. I don’t have littles at home so this is easy. Maybe ask hubby to watch the kids (really watch them….no fingers under the bathroom door) in exchange for an Aromatouch on another night.

* Diffusing oils that make me happy.(I LOVE this diffuser) It doesn’t get much more simple than diffusing some uplifting oils.

* Getting 8 hours of sleep every night. I love sleep. I get that this may not be easy if you have babies, and the urge to clean when they nap is there. Speaking from experience, taking care of your and getting rest means you will be able to serve your family better. The house can wait.

* Do one thing everyday that brings you JOY! It will raise your vibrations and increase your health.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.
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