ABC'S of Essential Oils ~ C

Essential Oils that begin with C

Closely related to Ginger, Cardamom is known as an expensive cooking spice and for being beneficial to the digestive system.*
Supports healthy gastrointestinal function*
Promotes clear breathing*
Add to foods to enhance flavor
Helps alleviate occasional feelings of nausea or motion sickness

Pronounced Cash-uh or Cass-ee-uh
A close relative to cinnamon, Cassia has a wonderful fragrance and thousands of years of historical use.
Promotes healthy digestion
Supports healthy immune function
Warming, uplifting aroma
Maintains healthy cardiovascular system

Cedarwood essential oil has a warm, woody, balsamic fragrance that relaxes the mind and body.
Promotes clear skin
Has a soothing, grounding effect on the mind and emotions
Relaxing and calming aroma is perfect for massage therapy
LOVE this in my diffuser every night to sleep.

I have this in my preparedness kit for cooking.
From the leaves of the Coriander plant, Cilantro Essential Oil is commonly used for its fresh and tasty flavor.
Aids digestion
Gives food a fresh and tasty flavor
Cleanses and detoxifies

Cinnamon Bark
Another one in my preps for cooking.
Well-known for its use as a spice, Cinnamon also has many unique benefits.
May promote healthy circulation
Maintains a healthy immune system
Long used to flavor food

Clary Sage
Clary Sage essential oil is known for its mood-lightening properties.
Apply to abdomen for a soothing massage during menstrual cycle
A favorite of women
Used to lift and lighten mood

A favorite among health-care providers and health-conscious individuals, Clove is more than a popular cooking spice.
Powerful antioxidant properties
Supports cardiovascular health
Cleans teeth and gums

Popular across many cultures for various uses, Coriander essential oil provides a myriad of health benefits.
Promotes digestion and eases stomach upset
Supports relaxation
Warm, spicy flavor

Distilled from the twigs and foliage of the cypress tree, Cypress essential oil is popular in spas.
Provides energizing boost
Improves appearance of oily skin
Invigorating scent

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