When we are under regular stress or anxiety, the body produces hormones that can suppress our immune systems therefore making us more prone to illness. (time to find your inner CHILL 🙃 ) Not to mention, stress can lead to making poor choices regarding diet, exercise and sleep. As we know, it is impossible to avoid stress altogether, but it is something we can try and manage to our best ability. Daily exercise, meditation, reducing caffeine and alcohol, eating clean and whole foods as well as using our favorite oils are all ways we can limit stress.

The Adaptiv line is my go to for this. 🥰 It is one of my absolute favorites for the diffuser and I always carry it on me to apply as soon as I feel those overwhelming feelings creeping in. Adaptiv is soothing and uplifting which is exactly why it is made for times like these! Bonus points if you utilize your Adaptiv Capsules.

Have you used the Adaptiv line yet? Tell me your thoughts?

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