Art of Gardening Book Review

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to have a veggie garden.
I have tried in the ground and also Square Foot Gardening.

I tried getting new seeds.
Then organic, non GMO seeds.

I decided it was my dirt.
Then along comes The Art of Gardening:Building your Soil.

First piece of advice? Compost.
Between our chickens and goats you would think I had amazing compost….I probably would if I took care of it.

In this book I learned about Lasagna Gardening.
No. Not planting noodles and sauce.
It has to do with the right layering of organic materials.

What Else I Learned

  • Using a rototiller will destroy dirt.
  • There is a tutorial for seed starting pots made out of newspaper.
  • How to tell if a seed is old
  • How to save Heirloom seeds
  • Choosing a site for your garden
  • Tips on what to plant, and when


The Art of Gardening: Building your Soil is a 67 page e-book written by Susan Vinskofski
I received this book free for my unbiased review.
For a limited time you can buy this e-book for $13 using $5 off coupon code is CELEBRATE

I found this book very informative as a beginning gardener.



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