What Message are we Sending our Daughter's?It is amazing to me how much mother’s and daughter’s become alike.

Alternately titled: What Message are We Sending Our Daughter’s?

The older I get the more I see myself respond to things the way my mother did. Lord help me. And The Principal.
My mother sometimes responded strongly to things.
As many traits she had that I am proud to also have, there are a few that I need to work on.
Her ability to have many friends in many circles…I can do that.
Her ability to listen to a friend vent and not share with the world…I can do that.
Her ability to go from 0-60 if she didn’t agree with something….I can do that too…

Then comes my daughter and her friends.
I see how the girls behave and respond and catch myself thinking “Oh, you are SO your mother’s daughter.”

This got me to thinking…..

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Is she seeing me be thankful in ALL things?
Is she seeing my response to that driver, that is going under the speed limit, on the highway as annoyed or just going with the flow?
Is she seeing my countenance as loving and accepting, or is it annoyed and full of eye rolls?
Is she seeing my cringe whenever I have to buy new jeans, or is she seeing my thankful for the stretch marks that show I carried her and her brothers?
Is she seeing my response to her dad as ungrateful and unkind, or is she seeing me be loving and submissive.

Mom’s we MUST set the bar high for our daughter’s. We want them to grow into godly women and wives.

If all they see is us being annoyed or irritated with our families, that is what they will do to their own families. Who wants that for our grandchildren?
If all they see is us being rushed and too busy for God, then too won’t stop and make time for Him.
If all they see is us gossiping and spreading rumors, that is what they will do with their friends.

Figuring this out when my daughter is already closer to 17 than 16, well I feel like I am behind the 8 Ball.
I still have a good 18 months left to plant some seeds.

Do you have a daughter? How are you cultivating Godliness in her life?

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