Our Favorite Apps for Presidents and Civics

I wrote about our favorite apps for Geography last week. Today I want to share our favorite apps for homeschooling Civics and Presidents.
These apps make learning fun and when my kids are having fun they retain more.

US Presidents (Match’Em Up History and Geography)

US Presidents (Match'Em Up™ History and Geography)

Presidents vs Aliens

At first I was not ok with the title of this app. Then Boy Child, now 14, started playing it and LOVED it. So, while I don’t necessarily like the delivery, he learned from it.

US Presidents and More
U.S Presidents Info & More Pro

This app provides statistics
•President Name
•Vice President(s) Name
•Political Party
•Home State
•Date Served
•President Age at Death

USA Presidents
USA Presidents

Flash cards and quizzes. This is a great application for students
learning United States History. The quiz mode
is entertaining and will keep students engaged
while they learn.

US Presidents!

U.S. Presidents!
Browse a list of Presidents and learn dates of inauguration, birth, and death.

US Presidents (Match’Em Up History and Geography)

US Presidents (Match'Em Up™ History and Geography)

Citizenship USA

This app is geared towards the person going for citizenship. I feel ALL Americans should know what our country is about. This is a good app for learning these things.

Features include:
– Include all new 100 questions (2013)
– Review questions and answers with audio.
– Read additional information for all questions.
– Flag hard questions to add to a ‘Flagged’ list.
– Use ‘Listen’ mode to listen to questions and answers on the go.
– and when you are ready, take an interview and see if you pass.
– There is no penalty for failing an interview – you can take it as many times as you want

Civics 101

Civics 101

CIVICS 101: WE THE PEOPLE contains multimedia presentations explaining every part of the U.S. government, including in-depth presentations on the powers and history of the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court. A distinctive section of multimedia presentations contains all of the basic questions covered in the National Civic Standards.

US Presidents (Match’Em Up History and Geography)

US Presidents (Match'Em Up™ History and Geography)

★ Matching of either 8, 12 or 18 president portraits, president names and chronological order across 4 rounds of play.
★ Great background music and sound effects.
★ Fun and educational at the same.
★ A point system that gives bonuses for extra concentration.
★ 3 different levels of play to increase the difficulty as you learn.
★ Word only mode if you just need to focus on president names and order only.
★ Gallery mode so you can view all of the presidents in the order they served and study them.
★ Head 2 Head system for 2 players at once in fun turn based game. This is great for siblings, parent/child and among friends.

I have added some apps that are not listed above, but thought you might enjoy.

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