Here is a typical clearance schedule for prepping.
Buying things in the off season is a great way to build your preps.

Best time to buy to build your preparedness stockpile

I have a 14 year old son. He is not done growing.
He could probably wear The Principal’s jeans in a pinch, with a belt.
But I would prefer to just purchase clothes a few sizes bigger now.
Also, did you keep those pre-pregnacy jeans?
If the SHTF we are all gonna lose some weight.
We won’t be sitting at computers all day. We’ll be working outside.
We won’t be eating boxed food in abundance. We’ll be rationing.


Clothes go on clearance after Christmas. Great time to stock up on winter clothes for next season.
Linens are a good thing to stock up on. Not just as bedding, but could be used in an emergency.
Winter sports gear Might not be skiing when TSHTF, but what about cross country skis or snowshoes?
Chocolate Hello vacuum sealer
Steak After Valentine’s Day and dehydrate it

Tennis shoes and summer sportswear
Camping gear
ground beef (can it)
Disposable plates etc. (think about garbage though)
Charcoal and lighter fluid (BBQ season)
Tools (Father’s Day)

Bicycles (in case you can’t drive)
Gas grills
Undershirts (think Back-to-School)
Ice tea mix
Pool supplies (got bleach?)
Condiments again

Winter coats
GPS navigators
Baking supplies
Dried fruits
Halloween Candy clearance
Aluminum foil and plastic wrap (Thanksgiving)
Batteries (Christmas)