5 Tips for Attending a Blog Conference

Have you ever been to a blog conference? I have been to a few.
I have been to Allume three times. I attended Blogging Concentrated last January. I have also attended Build Your Blog just last month.
The one conference that has been on my bucket list for a few years is Type-A Parent Conferences, the premier events for mom and dad bloggers

This post is a little off topic for my blog niche, but I wanted to share with you a few tips.

#1 Don’t Over Think It

Every conference I have attended the Twitter chatter picks up a few weeks before. What should I wear? Should I bring…. Don’t over think it. Just do what you would normally do if you were traveling. If you do something out of your norm, like wearing a pair of heals instead of your Chuck Taylor’s, then you are going to be more self conscious, or worse, have blisters and be distracted by your hurting feet.

#2 Dress Comfortably

Business Casual is my go to for dress code. I layer because sometimes the conference rooms are chilly, or the last seat left is under the blowing vent. Sometimes there is a lot of walking involved between sessions or, ahem, for coffee runs, so wear comfy shoes.

#3 Take Notes

I am an old school note taker. I always buy a notebook before a conference an use it just for that conference. You are going to want to take lots of notes to review when you get home. There will be so much information there will be no way to remember everything. Even for a short 1 day event. Take notes.

#4 Leave the Laptop Behind

I have taken my laptop to every conference and every time I leave it in the hotel room. It’s bulky. It gets heavier as the day progresses. If you feel the need to be connected, other than your smart phone, use a tablet. Honestly, I feel they are a distraction. I paid good money, or my sponsors did, and I am there to learn. If there is something I find tweet-able I take note of it and then share after the session with the appropriate hashtag.

#5 Have fun

Most of all, besides learning to grow your blog, have fun. As an introvert this is a stretch for me, but I can tell you it’s worth it. You never know if that person you reach out to and share business cards with will be your next guest poster, or you be theirs. Step out of your comfort zone a little bit. You will be okay. I promise.


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