What's in Your Bug Out Bag

This list is highly dependent on your location. In North Idaho we have real seasons. Snow in winter. Hot summers. The contents of this bag needs to be rotated accordingly.
You also don’t want this bag to be 80 pounds. If you have to actually hike out 80 pounds will feel super heavy rather quickly. Some of these items could be in your Everyday Carry (EDC), but I can’t make that decision for you.
Remember, skills are better than any gear. Knowing how to build a shelter is better than carrying a 2 man tent or tarp.


Small Tarp
Grommet kit
Sleeping bag


Folding shovel
Folding bow saw
Leatherman multi-tool
Solar Charger ~ This will come in handy. Odds of a grid down situation are small so you will still have technology.
First aid kit
Essential Oils
Hand held radio


I suggest a quality water filter straw. Water is heavy and hauling it could be cumbersome. A reusable bottle, like this HydroFlask, would be ok.
Water purification tablets don’t take up much room either.
Mountain House freeze dried food is portable.


Change of clothes ie: good socks, underwear, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts
Hiking boots or good hiking shoes.
Zip off leg pants


Matches in waterproof carriers (3 different ones)
Flint & steel – plus back ups for your backups
Magnesium fire starter (like this one)
Bic lighter
Cotton balls soaked with vaseline
Backpacking stove. This one has great ratings and is affordable.


Snare wire (and knowledge of how to set) Thompson is a good brand. More found here
Foldable fishing rod/reel
Small fishing kit packed in a .410 shell
Guns and ammo

This list could be exhaustive. Again, you will have to carry it all so consider that when packing.

Survival at Home has some great articles covering BOB’s:
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You can also find lots of bug out bag books on Amazon.

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