I wanted to share with you all a little secret. Well, it might not be a secret, but I get asked about this topic a lot. How do I buy chicken for long term food storage?

I am going to tell you today.

I buy it from Zaycon Foods. I have also bought their bacon and ground beef.

Zaycon chicken comes straight from the source and is not previously frozen.
I bring it home 40 to 80 pounds at a time and either portion it out to freeze or I get right to pressure canning it.

I am here to tell you I have not purchased chicken from the grocery store since I found Zaycon chicken.

Why am I sharing with you today? Two reasons. Ok three.


With the price of food as high as it is and the way the economy has been I couldn’t NOT share this with you. Their PRICE. It’s so low. You may say well, I can get it on sale at the grocery store. You might be able to get it a tad cheaper. If you want to wait. The quality is head and shoulders above the grocery store so I am personally okay with spending a few cents more per pound.

Also, the convenience. When you order your chicken (or chosen product. They have more than just chicken) you get to choose where you pick up your product. You drive up and they put it in the car FOR YOU. You don’t even have to get out of the car. Such service!

I was not asked to write this review nor given any product. I just wanted to share the awesome price and quality that is Zaycon Foods.

Mmm I am drooling at the idea of Lemon (essential oil of course) pepper chicken right now!

If you would like to check Zaycon go to ZayconFresh.com and use MamaKautz as your referral if you would.

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