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Essential Oils

DIY Soothing Salve

Cypress can often be overlooked, but this incredible essential oil is so beneficial to the skin. Not only is Cypress invigorating to the senses, it has been known to improve the appearance of oily skin, and rejuvenating to your muscles. How to Use Cypress: ✅ Apply Cypress to your feet and legs prior to a long run ✅ Diffuse Cypress oil with Lime essential oil #IYKYK ✅ Add a few drops of Cypress and Grapefruit…
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Natural Solutions

Coconut Oil Uses, Let me Count the Ways

What are some different ways to use coconut oil? Well, let me tell you! About a year ago, when we were on our Whole 30 kick that lasted about 15 days, I found this amazing thing. Coconut Oil! A healthy fat, in that it doesn't affect your cholesterol the same way as margarine or the like. Then, I found there are different ways to use coconut oil other than just to fry my eggs every…
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