Cleaning your Dishwasher without using Chemicals @MamaKautz

In the last year I have gotten rid of most of the chemicals in our home. I hadn’t thought that those chemicals had bothered me in any way. I was wrong. If I go down the cleaner aisle at the grocery store I get a headache almost instantly. Who knew? I sure didn’t. The toxins were having a negative impact on me and I wasn’t even aware because I didn’t know any better.
Now I do and I want to share what I have learned with you so you too can get rid of the chemicals and toxins in your home.

Our dishwasher was G-ROSS! It doesn’t help that was have a ton of iron in our water so it stains everything. Dishwasher. Toilet. Shower curtain. I am sure my mother-in-love thinks I don’t ever clean because of the stains.
Well, I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals to clean the dishwasher. So with a little elbow grease, a long handled scrubber, and a few drops of Lemon and a few Purification blend essential oil I went to town.

Inside gross dishwasher
Seriously. How gross is this. I can’t even…..

More gross dishwasher parts
I soaked these parts in Lemon water. Lemon is a degreaser and these parts needed it. BAD. I also scrubbed these with the long handled scrubber. I sure wasn’t gonna touch this stuff bare handed.

Much cleaner dishwasher
It might not be perfect, but it is MUCH better than it was.
Bonus: No chemical fumes. When I was done it smelled fresh and clean. So safe I could have used child labor.

The scrubber I used was similar to this one:

I really should have used these:

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