How I went from a City Girl to Naming Goats and Feeding Chickens

A week doesn’t go by that I don’t say to myself “Twelve years ago I never would have….”

Usually it is something along the lines of
“Twelve years ago I never would have thought to get chickens” or “I would never go on a quad ride up a mountainside.”
This could be titled never say never, I suppose.
“Twelve years ago I wouldn’t NOT help with a goat in labor.”
Today was “Do I write or go outside with my shotgun to protect my newish flock of chickens?”

I was sitting in my office with the window open. I could hear the crow squawking and instinct told me (instinct I didn’t have 12 years ago) to go outside.
Sure enough the whole young flock was hiding in their chicken tractor. I had only let them out about a half hour before. I closed them back up and pondered what to do.
You see, I let my chickens free range.
I learned the hard way a couple of years ago they really need to be bigger to do this because of predators.
We have crows, owls, and the occasional hawk.

I actually thought “Do I go in an write a few posts or do I go sit outside with my shotgun?”
Are you kidding me?!

How did I get to this place?
How did I get to choosing between writing and shooting a crow?

Confession: I was very ANTI gun 12 years ago. I hated guns. Wouldn’t touch them.

I grew up, in the 80’s, in a suburb of Seattle.
Going back there seems so weird to me. I think often, when I am there, what if?
What if I had stayed in the city?
Would I be working in the corporate world?
Would I be driving that Escalade I always drooled over?
Would I be living downtown or in the suburbs raising our kids?

Alas, I am not that person who could have been.
We moved to North Idaho a little over 11 years ago.
It took me a full year to accept living 45 minutes to the nearest Target and nail salon.
Today I find peace and contentment watching over my chickens.
The goats? Well, that’s the kids’ job because I fully believe in child labor.

Are you in a place in your life that you never thought would be?
If somebody had told you “In 10 or 12 years this will be your life?” what would you have said?

UPDATE: Fast forward a few years and life has changed a bit. I do miss my chickens.
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