How to Clean your Coffee Pot Naturally

How to Clean your Coffee Pot
Hard water can clog a coffeepot and cause yucky buildup inside it.

How to Clean Your Coffee Pot

  1. To remedy this, pour 1 cup vinegar and 5 drops Lemon Essential Oil in your coffee pot’s water reservoir.
  2. Fill the rest of the way with water.
  3. Run it through a cycle as usual (without coffee grounds in the filter).
  4. Rinse the coffee pot out.
  5. Fill it with fresh water and run another cycle, without coffee, to rinse the inside of the coffee maker. Neither the vinegar nor the Lemon oil will hurt you, but may effect the flavor of the coffee
  6. I then use a wet paper towel with with my natural cleaner (Cleansing blend and water) and spray the coffee pot down 

Clean Coffee Pot
So much better when the coffee pot is clean. Wouldn’t you agree?
Clean Coffee Pot


No more ick. AND it is totally safe to drink coffee from right away.


How do you clean your coffee pot?



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