How to Clean your Shower Head without Using Chemicals

Here on the Homestead with have well water. This water, while tasting amazing, has iron in it. The iron stains our tub and toilet and also builds up, along with calcium, in our shower head. The Principal would rather just buy a new shower head every time it clogs. Which honestly has only been a few times in the 10 years since we built the house.
I am too cheap. I want to see if my essential oils will work.

How to clean your shower head

It was super easy to do and much more frugal than just going and buying a new shower head.

I just used a little bit of baking soda and Vinegar (for fizz) and 3 drops of Lemon essential oil. I use this brand. Of course I would rather you go here to buy yours.

I poured the water, baking soda, and lemon oil into a Ziploc bag and affixed it to the shower head Redneck style. Actually, I didn’t use Duct Tape though.

I let it sit there most of the day. It loosened the grime I then used an old toothbrush to make it sparkle.
I think the next time I clean it I will remove it and let it soak. I used the lemon oil because of the degreasing effect it has.

I love how there aren’t any fumes choking me out of the bathroom. I can take a shower right away and not have to worry about chemicals getting all over me. I know. I am probably not normal, but these are things I think about.

Do you have a favorite DIY Frugal way to clean your shower head? I would love to hear about it!

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photo credit: showerhead via photopin (license)

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