cleansing your lymphatic system

Cleansing your Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system, part of your immune system, has many functions such as protecting your body from invaders. A clogged lymphatic system can cause infections so ideally we want to make sure we are cleansing our lymphatic system often.

What is the purpose of the Lymphatic System?

Your lymphatic system has many functions. Its key functions include:

  • Maintains fluid levels in your body: tThe lymphatic system collects excess fluid that drains from cells and tissue throughout your body and returns it to your bloodstream, which is then recirculated through your body.
  • Absorbs fats from the digestive tract: Lymph includes fluids from your intestines that contain fats and proteins and transports it back to your bloodstream.
  • Protects your body against foreign invaders: The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. It produces and releases lymphocytes (white blood cells) and other immune cells that monitor and then destroy the foreign invaders — such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi — that may enter your body.
  • Transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph.


14 Ways to Cleanse the Lymphatic System

1. Hydrate: Dehydration is a common cause of lymph congestion. Lymph
becomes thicker and less mobile when you are dehydrated, but flows well
when hydrated. Add 1 drop of citrus essential oil to a full glass of pure filtered

2. Deep Breathing – breathing for even just 5-10 repetitions (or up to 10 minutes
a day) will oxygenate the blood, circulate the lymph especially around the liver,
and provide many other benefits. If possible, do this exercise outdoors in fresh

3. Exercise – regular exercise is one of the easiest ways to promote a healthy
lymphatic system. It stimulates blood circulation and helps to transport oxygen
to the tissues and cells in the body.

4. Stress Management – managing stress are necessary to maintain a well
functioning lymphatic system.

5. Sauna – (if you have access) can promote detoxification, better circulation and
skin purification thereby supporting a better lymphatic system.

6. Dry Skin Brushing: Promotes lymphatic drainage of toxic waste. Start a habit
of dry skin brushing a few minutes before your shower or bathe using a natural
bristle brush and 1 drop of your favourite essential oil.

7. Massage – the use of strokes and pressure to muscles, tissues and organs
during massage help stimulate the circulatory system and expel toxins to the
circulatory system for elimination.

8. Hydrotherapy – refers to the use of water (hot tubs, cold showers, ice packs,
hot springs, water massage, etc.). It promotes detoxification and circulation.

9. Hot/Cold Showers – Lymphatic vessels contract when exposed to cold, and
dilate in response to heat. A hot and cold shower uses the properties of water
temperature and pressure to move stagnant lymphatic fluid, increase
circulation, boost immune function and metabolism.

10. Trampoline/Rebounder – one of the most efficient ways to reduce lymphatic
congestion, stimulate lymph flow, and exercise every cell in the body. Gentle
up and down bouncing turbo charges lymph function.

11. Stretch/Yoga – Stretching and yoga poses are especially effective for moving

12. Whole Foods – Consuming processed foods, junk food, fast foods, sugary
drinks, unhealthy fats, refined flour and sugar can cause inflammation and
create lymphatic system congestion. Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially
green vegetables.

13. Detox baths – Epsom salts have been known to stimulate lymph circulation in
the body due to their high levels of Magnesium.

14. Essential Oils – may help stimulate our white blood cells to clean up microbes
and toxins in the body. This makes the job of the lymphatic system easier as it
helps eliminate excess waste.

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