That is how I feel my life is. I am okay with it, it just doesn’t make for great blog fodder.
When I first started blogging it was to keep in contact with family. I was sharing our homeschool journey. Then I blogged through moms illnesses.
Since I started I have 2 kids that have flown the coop and now have an 8th and a 10th grader who unschool. A far cry from 4 kids doing Charlotte Mason and cute to photograph at that.
So my life today is much different than my life 5 years ago.
We have chores every morning that consist of gathering eggs from our 2 hens. Making sure they have fresh water. Feeding our 2 pigs, Wilbur and Mabel. Milking Claire, the La Mancha goat

We spend our day doing life. Learning from doing.
I will say math and spelling/grammar are done everyday because, well, good grammar is attractive and everybody needs math to build sound chicken coops and animal pens.

Boy child #3 plays more Minecraft than he probably should. He is learning about servers and ip addresses as well as building friendships with kids he met at last year’s homeschool conference. He is a homebody like his mama. He wants to be a game designer when he grows up.

Girl child recently co-directed a play for kids, ages 6-12, at our local theater.
She is also involved in a leadership building group through our hometown church and also attends a girls bible study lead by her friends mom. Then there’s youth group and rehearsals (if there is a play coming up)

I fill my days with garden planning, coupon cutting, and learning about our animals. Maybe just watching them, because I tell you, chickens are quite entertaining!

So. While I feel this is the simple life, I am afraid to bore you, my readers, with the mundane.
The day to day country life that isn’t exciting, but relaxing. Unless you get to help a friend with her goats in labor.

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