Charlotte Mason High School curriculum

This year has come together swimmingly as far as ‘curriculum’ goes.
I switched from Simply Charlotte Mason as our guide and went to Ambelside Online. Ambelside seems a little more challenging.
So far so good. There’s more assigned reading than my kids are used to, but it isn’t twaddle.


Their Schedule:


  • Autobiography of Ben Franklin
  • History of American People by Johnson, Paul
  • Young Patriots Class with Founders Academy +extra assignements

Language Arts:

  • Grammar Girl
  • Fallacy Detective
  • 1 free reading book, per month, minimum


  • Teaching Textbooks
  • Kahn Academy


  • Recommended reading per Ambelside Online
  • Hope to start Apologia Biology


  • Are you Liberal, Conservative, or Confused. An Uncle Eric Book


  • Photography. Specifically iPhoneography with new lens attachments
  • Theater
  • Current Events


The Books

(Amazon links are affiliate links)

We are following the recommended reading schedule found at Ambelside Online. Yes, it’s 9th grade and I have an 11th grader, but we are doing American Revolution so this fits.

We are also doing the Young Patriot’s class with Founder’s Academy since there wasn’t the interest for the high school level class. They will get extra work to challenge them.

Can’t go wrong with Uncle Eric books or C.S. Lewis. Also recommended by Ambelside.

Grammar Girl puts a fun twist on learning.

Been wanting to do this for awhile. I am excited to see how much they grow with their thinking.

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