Ground beans….as in Coffee Beans….caffeine!

I am pretty picky on how I take my Daily Grind….


Either black with lots of Bailey’s flavored creamer


Powdered white chocolate mocha with crème d menthe, iced, double shot…


How is this related to homeschooling? Well….the Daily Grind of routine doesn’t go well if I don’t have the Daily Grind of COFFEE

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Well….there is also the daily grind of our routine.

(this isn’t me in case you were wondering)

The almost daily grind of my running….did you know I was training for a half marathon?



Regardless of what my daily grind is…even if some days I feel it mundane….it is an HONOR to be used by Him to teach and raise these children! 

I wouldn’t want my Daily Grind in an office everyday…..or anywhere my kids aren’t.  Yes…I have a mere 5 yrs left of homeschooling….I will not worry about that now….this is where I am supposed to be.

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